Isaiah 25: Praise for Judgment

Although there are more chapters in Isaiah that will proclaim judgment, this chapter marks a turning point to a tone of praise. The language of Isaiah becomes more poetic and there are more prophecies of Christ.

Isaiah 25 starts out in verses 1-5 with praise to God for showing His might and judging the unrighteous. Great fortified cities of strength could not resist the power of God to punish those who ignore or disobey Him. In the midst of this, God also sheltered the needy, providing protection for them.

Verses 6-12 are prophecy and praise to God. The mountain in verse 6 is a reference to God’s kingdom, where Jesus will come and be an incomparable blessing to all mankind. The feasts of food items mentioned are delicacies, representative of only the richest blessings coming to mankind. The veil that will be destroyed represents that God will reveal the mystery to mankind alluded to in prophecy so often, that Jesus His Son will come to earth to die for all sins. Jesus will swallow up death forever by raising from the grave, and His blessing of salvation will be available to ALL.

Isaiah’s words that conclude the chapter praise and show confidence in God. Moab, representative of the faithless and rebellious, will be punished and will not be able to escape judgment:

“The fortress of the high fort of your walls He will bring down, lay low, And bring to the ground, down to the dust.” Isaiah 25:12

To conclude our study tonight, let us appreciate this chapter for its lesson it has to worship and appreciate God for all His mighty works. In Isaiah 25, God is praised for blessing and for punishing. And the burgeoning prophecy of Jesus ties it together in verses 6-8. God was always going to save man, but man did not always understand this and if man did know God was going to save him, he did not know how or when God would do it. We are blessed to live in a time of the full revelation of God’s plan, the last days, where we can hear and obey Jesus to be saved.

Please join me tonight in thanking God and praising Him!

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