Hello. My name is Cory Byrd and I am a Christian. My desire is to serve God with my life, to please Him and obey His Word. 

The Monday Night Bible Study began in 2002 with a group of young dedicated Christians interested in the Lord. Now, it is years later and I revived the effort online and in my home with my wife and children so that we could maintain God in the center of our lives.

Each Monday I invite you to visit this site, read the designated chapter or passage, then read the brief study. Please think on how God’s Word can impact your life. He has a plan for each of us.

As a family, we engage in studying the Bible every Monday night. At the end of the study, we hear prayer requests and we go to Him in prayer. I encourage you to pray also. 

Please join us each and every Monday night as we take meaning from this, the most amazing and valuable book ever created. It was written by the master, and my friends, the Words live!


If you live in or around the Louisville, KY area, please consider joining us in worshipping God at Eastland Church of Christ, where I serve, teach and preach from time to time. We are located at 4909 Bardstown Rd in Louisville and online at eastlandchristians.org

You can also follow me on Twitter for a link to the Monday Bible Study every Monday @corywbyrd