Isaiah Chapter 7: A Place for Sheep to Roam

Isaiah chapter seven can be a confusing chapter. Although there are some cryptic descriptions and passages, the overall meanings of the main two sections of the chapter are clear.

– vs. 1-9: God will allow for the kingdoms of the Israelites to be destroyed by outside forces. Portions of God’s people (Ephraim) were seeking to defeat another portion of God’s people (Judah) with the help of the ungodly (Syria), but they would be unsuccessful. God makes sure to have Isaiah tell Ahaz, king of Judah not to worry; the threat from Ephraim with help from Syria would come to nothing.

This inner turmoil in the nation of Israel results from their having lost their first love, which was God. When we lose sight of God in our lives, when we no longer consider Him whilw making both small and large decisions in life, then life starts to fall apart. Conflict and trouble come in from all sides, and even from within. This is what is happening to Israel in chapter 7.

– vs. 10-25: A prophecy that there will be one coming, born of a virgin, that will not know sin. Despite Jesus’s coming, the people of Israel will still experience their deserved consequences.

From the spoiled nation will come Jesus. The nation, corrupt and stained as it is, will be allowed to survive for more years to allow for Jesus Christ to be born of a virgin and live a sinless life.

The phrase that ends the chapter, “A place for sheep to roam,” is a reference to peace and prosperity. Jesus’s coming to Earth, His sacrifice and His death eventually made a place for mankind to be spiritually safe. Through Jesus’s willing death, we have peace. This is the greatest gift our Creator has given to us: A way out of our own sin – His own Son.

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