Matthew 15, Pt. 2: Humility is the Key

Tonight we conclude our study of Matthew chapter 15. Jesus departs Gennesaret and goes to the region of Tyre and Sidon. The first section of tonight’s story takes place in verses 21-28. 

In this passage Jesus is beset upon by a woman from Canaan. She asks Him to make her daughter well, who has been possessed by demons. Jesus and His disciples resist her pleas at first, because she is not a Jew. As God’s chosen people, Jews were the rightful recipients of God’s blessings through Jesus Christ. The fact that Jesus denies her at first seems callous yet in the context of whom Jesus was trying to reach with His teachings, it makes sense. 

We know that later after Jesus had died and been resurrected that God gave Peter a vision that showed that the blessings of Jesus Christ were to be bestowed upon all people, not just Jews. The fact that Jesus notes the Cananite woman’s faith in verse 28 and heals her daughter is a precursor to the future (effective now) when God blesses all mankind through Christ.

Verses 29 through the end of the chapter reiterate a theme and occurrence we have seen happen before. Jesus heals the multitudes of various afflictions, ailments and maladies and the people glorify God because of it. Then Jesus once again performs the miracle of feeding thousands with just a few meager resources. 

Jesus was spreading the Word, teaching, preaching and healing. This is another step in His ministry to heal all of those who come to Him seeking salvation.

Jesus can see into your heart, just as He did the Canaanite woman. Will He see as great a faith there tonight as He saw in that woman, whom He compared to a little dog? Remember from verse 27, the statement of hers that convinced Him? It was her humility.

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