Matthew 6 Pt. 2: Serve One Master 

Tonight we will read Matthew 6:19-34. The themes found in this passage are timeless and familiar to Bible students. To those that have not been exposed to these ideas, they can be a revelation. 

These verses constitute a discussion on how to live. We can either live chasing money, pleasure and things, or we can live serving God and trying to get to heaven. 

Verses 19-21 tell us not to trust or value too much the material things in life. From our car, mobile phone, bank account to sentimental items, these things are temporal and will one day fade away and crumble to nothing. But God’s word, His will and the heavens are infinite. They will never pass away. Living spiritually requires more patience and maturity, but is also more realistic as it pertains to our eternal soul. It requires regular prayer, purposeful living and actively resisting temptations. We seek God through study and prayer and we are rewarded with peace and blessings.

Verses 22 and 23 concern what we see in the world. Do we look upon the world with eyes that only seek our own selfish benefits? If so, then our life and actions follow. The pattern of life then will indicate empty pursuits. However, if we seek the good in situations and in people, we will be a more positive influence to others and will live a life that indicates godliness and holiness. The theme of seeking goodness and peace over our own selfish interests is found time and time again in the word of God. 

Verses 24 confirms that we cannot have it both ways. If I try to both treasure God and consider my earthly possessions as sacred, I will fail. Any combination of God and the world ends with God not residing in first place in our life. This is the only true and right place for Him.

The final passage for tonight is a prescription against worrying. It boils down to the idea that there is no reason for us to worry so long as God has the rightful place in our life: first place. The descriptions in this passage are simple and beautiful. Of course God cares for wildflowers and animals in the world He has made. We, as His greatest creation are subject to even more blessings than flowers and birds. The problem of worrying needs an answer of faith. Why do I need to worry when the great and holy and almighty God is my God?

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