Judges 5: Song of Deborah 

This chapter is a dedicated song of praise to God after Barak and Deborah defeated the idolatrous Canaanites. It is important to note that Deborah and Barak sang this song of praise together, and that no matter how their individual efforts (and those of the army’s) contributed to the success, God gets all of the credit.

We notice in Deborah’s song how Israel’s sin led to their depraved state of sin and idolatry. Deborah’s account of the activities of the various tribes is detailed and telling in that it reveals a lack of unity.

God worked through the people to complete this victory, and verse 21 shows how He also used the Kishon as an aide in the victory.
The chapter closes in a declaration of the silly and futile side of sin. As Sisera died at Jael’s hand, Sisera’s mother supposed his delay in returning was due to his reveling in the spoils of war. 

Deborah’s song is beautiful in its absolute recognition of God’s power and providence. No wonder she was known as a mother of Israel when she had such solid surety of faith in the Lord.

Tonight, I ask myself, when God works in my life, am I a doubter like Barak? Or am I convinced as Deborah? And do I give God His due?

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