Joshua Chapter 17: The Value of Work

Verses 1-13: Manasseh was divided up into two kingdoms. The second half here is allotted for, and we have yet another mention of not all the Canaanites being driven out.

Verses 14-18: The sons of Joseph are asking for more land. They obviously want land that is ready to settle because Joshua offers them the mountainous land that needs clearing. Clearing of trees and the removal of the Perizzites is needed. 

But the sons of Joshua resist this idea because of the difficulties inherent and the work involved. Nevertheless, Joshua directs them to the mountains and tells them to drive out the others as well as clear the land. 

The lesson is that sometimes God’s blessings require work on our part. The blessings that we ask for can be granted out of hand directly, as Caleb was given the land he asked for in Joshua 14. The blessings we seek from God can be denied us, which we will all experience and must endeavor to understand through the course of our life. In this case, Joseph’s sons are required to help the blessings come to life themselves. They are shown how to make it happen and the actions needed to make it a reality are clear.

When I ask for God’s providence or intervention, am I perceptive to that which may be required of me to make it happen? Am I willing to act to realize the blessings I am seeking?

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