Joshua Chapter 15: Judah’s Allocation & Caleb’s Blessing

Here we have the land and the cities of Judah listed and allocated. Caleb is mentioned again, occupying Hebron as he had inherited it in the previous chapter. In verse 63, we see again an emerging theme of the children of Israel not driving all of the inhabitants out of the land. God had said that they were to drive everyone out, so we will have to be careful to look for clues in the coming text as to whether Israel will have any consequences for this.

Remember how Caleb had requested Hebron? He asked and he received this valuable land. In verses 16-19, Caleb makes an offer that is congruent with the Lord’s will and is in the spirit of giving: Caleb offers that he will give his daughter as wife to the one that is able to conquer Kirjath Sepher. This is a commendable offer on Caleb’s part because it a) affirms God’s plan for the inhabitants to be driven out of the land and b) shows that Caleb, having received a blessing, is willing to bless in return. Caleb did not hoard, nor was he selfish with his blessing. Granted, he is giving to his daughter and new son-in-law (also apparently his brother, vs. 17), but the fact that he willingly gives and his reasons for it indicate a pure heart that is serving the Lord.

Caleb’s actions in this instance can serve as a mirror for our own behavior. We are exceedingly blessed with Jesus’s blood to redeem our sins, loving families, etc. We could go on and on and never be able to catalogue the ways God has blessed us. The mirror of Caleb’s actions shows me either how I am a good steward of God’s blessings or perhaps where I might be able to improve.

One thought on “Joshua Chapter 15: Judah’s Allocation & Caleb’s Blessing

  1. As you said, we are abundantly blessed beyond measure. Sometimes I need to just “rest” in that thought and be grateful. As the Lord promised blessings in the OT to those who were faithful and followed His word, he will also keep His word to us. These lessons have reminded me of these truths.


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